Finca Horqueta #3


Was acquired in November 2015 and subdivided into 40 individually deeded 0.5 acre (2000 m2) coffee farm parcels.

8 hectares, 20 acres.
1,575 meters altitude.
40% planted in coffee with around 9,600 trees
Harvest once annually, Jan to April


Our 5th and newest Farm to be brought into the network, Horqueta 3, was discovered while performing our due diligence on Horqueta Dos (2). These 2 farms are owned by members of the same family and share a common boarder.

This 8 Hectare farm is roughly 40% planted and with its high altitude, great naturally shaded areas and close proximity to our other farms, it ticked all the boxes to be added to the ICFC portfolio.

We have plans in place to build a new, modern living accommodations on H3 to house up to 8 of our workers and their families who will work both farms together.

With a babbling creek at the base of the farm we will have a year-round supply of water which is very beneficial, especially come dry season.

If you want to have a look at the farm you can go onto Google Earth and go to 8 Degrees 49 Minutes and 28 Seconds North latitude and 82 Degrees 27 Minutes and 53 Seconds West longitude.

We have parcels available for $18,000 per half acre.

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Click for Map of All Coffee Farm Parcels

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