Finca Horqueta #2


Was acquired in November 2015 and subdivided into 40 individually deeded 0.5 acre (2000 m2) coffee farm parcels.


8 hectares, 20 acres.
1,750 meters altitude.
0% in coffee currently. Planting to begin May 2016
Harvest once annually, Jan to April


The 4th farm to be brought into our network is currently being called Horqueta Dos (2) due to its location and the fact that we already have another farm in Horqueta.

This beautiful raw land farm was officially brought into the ICFC network on Tuesday November 24th.

This 8 Hectare farm is our highest altitude farm to date. Starting off at 1,660 meters it reaches as high as 1,750 meters. The rich black, volcanic soil is crying out to be planted with the most in demand varietals of Specialty Coffee.

Andrez Lopez our General Manager is already drawing up plans to create an amazing Specialty Coffee farm from scratch. Like an artist with a blank canvas he is pretty excited about what he can achieve.

If you want to have a look at the farm you can go onto Google Earth and go to 8 Degrees 49 Minutes and 23 Seconds North latitude and 82 Degrees 28 Minutes and 08 Seconds West longitude.

Finca Horqueta #2 has been Completely Sold Out since November 2015

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