Finca Horqueta #1


Was acquired in September 2015, subdivided into 35 individually deeded 0.5 acre (2000 m2) coffee farm parcels.


7.7 hectares, 19.5 acres.
1,500+ meters altitude.
33% in coffee, 11,000 Trees
Harvest once annually, Jan to April

Our 3rd and newest coffee farm in the network is named Horqueta, again due to its location.

This 7.7 hectare farm is the highest of our current 3 farms. With a top range of 1,600 meters. Currently 40% planted to coffee this gives us the opportunity to plant the most in demand varietals and also provides cash-flow from the current crop.

Under previous ownership Horqueta was once famous in Boquete for its award winning Geisha.
Over time we plan to return her to her glory days!

Surrounded on both sides by a stream Horqueta has a year round, steady supply of water which is crucial in Latin America, especially come dry season.

Horqueta #1 has been completely Sold Out since September 2015


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