Our Team

David Sewell     David G. Sewell, B.Sc., MBA – Broker / Owner

Mr. Sewell (65) is Founder for International Coffee Farms. He is also the Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Offshore To Freedom. Both entities operate from Boquete, Panama.

Well-educated and well-traveled, David served for 12 years as an active seagoing Officer (Bridge Watchkeeper, Navigator, Surface Combat Weapons Officer) in the Royal Canadian Navy, from 1968 to 1980.

He holds an MBA in corporate finance from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario (1980) and a B.Sc. in biology from the University of Saskatchewan – Saskatoon (1972). In addition, David is an Honors graduate of the Canadian Securities Institute Registered Representative (Stockbroker) Course (1980) and the Saskatchewan Real Estate Board Realtor Licensing Course (1984).

David is actively engaged in the specialty coffee industry from Boquete, located 40 minutes north of the city of David, in the province of Chiriqui, Panama. Through International Coffee Farms (www.internationalcoffeefarms.com) David and his very experienced ICFC team of local experts (see below) currently operate 3 specialty-coffee farms in the Boquete area.

In August 2012, David was instrumental in the development of the specialty-coffee farm parcel ownership business model currently in use by ICFC. Since that time, with Darren Doyle’s assistance from April 2013 (see below), as of September 2015 they have placed about 720-0.5 acre farm parcels with about 200 Owners.

David specializes in a number of offshore financial services programs, focused in Latin America. He provides advice on a full range of worldwide offshore asset protection products and structures including Trusts, Foundations, LLC’s, IBC’s, Self–Directed IRA accounts, 2nd passports, offshore permanent residency visas and offshore banking. He adds a special ability to advise clients on successfully investing internationally, with selections from a specific group of alternative asset classes.

He and his wife Debra (and their 2 cats) have successfully lived offshore in Panama since June 2007 and can share their personal experiences gained throughout the country. David has also lived and done business in Mexico, Costa Rica and Argentina since he left Canada in 1992 looking for warmer weather and lower taxes!

    Rene Acosta – Managing Broker

Rene Acosta has been in the Real Estate business in Panama and specifically in Boquete, Chiriqui for over 25 years and has recently joined the RE/MAX Offshore to Freedom team as our Managing Broker bringing his relationships and customer base with him.

Rene brings years of invaluable experience to the team and will be running the day-to-day operations as well as building out a bilingual sales team. With our policy of only taking Exclusive listings, Rene and his sales team will be changing the way the local real estate companies operate and will only be signing up realistically priced properties to be listed exclusively with us.

As well as traditional residential real estate, RE/MAX Offshore To Freedom is actively pursuing suitable coffee farms and other specialty-agricultural properties for acquisition and development through its exclusive relationship with International Coffee Farms, utilizing ICFC’s current successfully-proven business model.

Rene has diligently pursued local coffee farm owners for the last 3 years and has successfully negotiated the terms of the purchase for all 9 coffee farms acquired by ICFC since Jan 2015.

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Darren Doyle     Darren Doyle – Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing

Mr. Doyle is VP of Sales and Marketing for International Coffee Farms located in Boquete, Panama.

Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland Darren (36) has lived and worked offshore starting at the ripe old age of 20. He arrived in Panama in 2012 and has lived there ever since.

Prior to that he spent years working overseas in Australia, Holland, France, SE Asia, the Middle East and in the US.

As Co-founder of International Coffee Farms, and in his role as VP of Sales & Marketing, Darren has successfully helped hundreds of people who are looking to “internationalize” some of their current portfolio. Operating out of Panama City he was instrumental in building ICFC as well as marketing and selling out all 9 of their specialty coffee farms to date.

With his focus on offshore real hard assets combined with a strong desire to provide his clients an opportunity for sustainable long-term passive offshore income, with turnkey management in-place, Darren is pleased to introduce our coffee farm parcel ownership opportunity to you.

Now, in combination with RE/MAX Offshore To Freedom, he is helping clients from all over the world to add Panamanian real estate to their offshore portfolios.  Acting as an “Offshore Concierge” Darren advises on a variety of asset protection products and structures including Self-Directed IRA accounts and offshore bank accounts, as well as helping numerous people obtain permanent residency visas in Panama.

Many of our clients are looking to take that big step offshore. Darren has 16 years’ experience setting up a life for himself in foreign countries, often with different languages and all the challenges that go with it. He is available to help talk our clients through the process.

Juan Aguilera Franceschi – Real Estate Lawyer

Juan Aguilera Franchesci (48) is a Partner in the law firm AGUILERA FRANCESCHI, which is a professional partnership organized and registered under Panamanian laws, as the result of a long family tradition that dates back to the 1960s. Several members of the family have been appointed as judges, magistrates and civil servants; one of them became Chief Supreme Court Magistrate, an appointment that speaks for itself. Many landmark decisions have adopted the thoughts and arguments of members of the firm, acting as either judges or litigators.

The law firm currently has a staff of 6 attorneys. Juan, based in David, Panama has closed at least 2,500 real estate transactions, largely to expats, in the province of Chiriqui and elsewhere in Panama over the last 10 years. He is extremely well-known and respected and his involvement is instrumental in ICFC’s ability to credibly offer to purchase and acquire real estate properties.


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